As a small child, I was very interested in drawing and painting to tell stories or share ideas. I never grew out of it. I continue to collect scenes from my life and store them in my memory as raw material for my images. Every place I go and every person I meet adds to my image making process.

Process is extremely important to me. The act of taking tools up in my hands to make an image is exciting. Painting is my first love; mixing pigment, placing it to canvas, creating an imagined place full of people is a journey to me. Photography and printmaking are other media that have helped me along the way. Over the years, I have learned to filter daily scenes through these processes.

I am always curious about people, the spaces they inhabit, and the objects they create and use daily. I am constantly looking, listening, and responding to the world that surrounds me. I hope by sharing my work, others will join in my love for art and the world around us.


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